Savour Delightful Vegetarian Hotpot & Hot Wok Food in Singapore

Spanning 10 years of delivering sought-after vegetarian delights, New Fut Kai Vegetarian serves up superb Charcoal Hotpots and Chef Signature dishes for families and corporate diners alike.

Takeaway and Delivery Specials

Full menu now available for delivery

Traditional Favourites

  • Thunder Tea Rice Set $8.5
  • Laksa $8
  • Bak Kut Teh Soup w Rice $8.5
  • Lor Mee ( Black) $8
  • Claypot Chicken Rice $8
  • Slice Fish Beehoon $8
  • Braised Yam Duck Rice $8
  • Red Fermented Rice Vermicelli $8
  • Xinhua Noodles $8.5

Healthy Rice Bowls

  • Salmon Poke Rice Bowl $9.5
  • Kungpao Chicken Rice Bowl $9.5
  • Marmite Root Veggies Rice Bowl $9.5
  • Sambal Mushroom Rice Bowl $9.5
  • Sweet Sour Pork Rice Bowl $9.5

Spicy Taste Bento

  • Curry Nonya Fish Bento $9.8
  • Padang Chicken Curry Bento $9.8
  • Thai Green Curry Bento $9.8
  • Assam Curry Fish Bento $9.8
  • Tumeric Spiced Fish Bento $9.8
  • Sambal Fragrant Fish Bento $9.8

Work / Dry Noodle

  • Zha Jiang Noodles $8.5
  • Xinghua Noodles $8.5
  • Xinghua Vermiceli $8.5
  • Mala Dry Noodles w Veg $8.5
  • Mushroom Mince Noodles $8.5
  • Toufu Wanton Noodles $8
  • Sambal Mee Goreng $8

Fried Rice

  • Thai Olive Fried Rice $8.5
  • Japanese Teriyaki Fried Rice $8.5
  • Seaweed Fried Rice $8.5
  • Sambal Petai Fried Rice $8.5
  • Dill & Cedarshoot Fried Rice $8.5
  • Tumeric Cashew Fried Rice $8.5

Soul Good Ramen

  • Yuzu Coco Miso Ramen $11.8
  • Tomato Herb Broth Ramen $11.8
  • Spicy Sesame Ramen $11.8
  • Herbal Mushroom Ramen $11.8
  • Soymilk Miso Ramen $11.8


Charcoal Hotpots

small $25 / large $38

  • Herbal Mushroom Charcoal Hotpot
  • Soymilk Miso Charcoal Hotpt
  • Fish Head Charcoal Hotpot
  • Laksa Charcoal Hotpot
  • Tomato Broth Charcoal Hotpot
  • Yuzu Coconut Miso Charcoal Hotpot
  • Mala Mushroom Charcoal Hotpot
  • Thunder Tea Charcoal Hotpot


  • Signatures Platter $36/$68
  • 5 Happiness Platter $28/$48


small $15 / large $28

  • Crab Roe Sanyao Toufu Soup
  • Golden Pumpkin Sharks Fin
  • Peach Gum and Wild Bamboo Pith Sharks fin


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Why You’ll Love Dining At New Fut Kai

Savour New Fut Kai Vegetarian’s range of Charcoal Hotpots and Ala Carte Signatures at our comfortable space. Vegans can now rejoice as we provide full-vegan options at request.

Make friendships and good conversations over delicious vegetarian food

Asian dining is about gathering to bond over a meal where business can be discussed, family plans can be unveiled and occasions to be celebrated. 

Warm Table Service

Feel pampered by table service where we set our restaurant to a contemporary backdrop and design. Nothing beats a nice warm towel to ease you into the start of a wonderful dining experience.

Our Signature Dishes

Charcoal Hotpots

A soupy mix of fresh and hearty ingredients slowly simmered over a traditional charcoal flame.

Choose your soup base: Mushroom, Fish Head, Soy Miso, Beauty Coconut or 100 Beans.

Be surprised by flavourful and healthful hot pot ingredients, chock-full of body-restoring vitamins and  beauty-enhancing minerals.

Fusion Wok Dishes

We combine traditional favourites and contemporary dining ideas to bring fresh new flavour combinations.

Immerse in a culinary journey with our Vegetarian Honey Crispy Roast, Nonya Curry Soyfish, Roast Duck, Pumpkin Sauce Mushrooms, Red Date Mushrooms, Sanyao Tofu, Pesto Wantons and more.

Vegetarian Catering

Largest Vegetarian Selection

With our speciality catering service, we can bring your favourite dine-in options right to your catering location! Presented in style for maximum appeal it is matched only by its amazing flavours.

For Any Occassion

For home parties, corporate conferences, religious gatherings and even wedding receptions, we have the perfect setup for your event.

Banquet Services

Off-site Celebrations

Are you running a celebration event and need a turn-key solution that includes full meal and location coordination? We have extensive experience in ensuring you have a smooth and seamless event for large dining areas that fit 200 tables!

Temple celebrations? Community events? No problem.

Wide Range Of Dishes

We have highly specialized banquet-focused dishes in our menu that has been proven to suit every tastebud in 10 years of recipe building.  

The Menu

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What Our Customers Say


Had an awesome & authentic charcoal vegetarian steamboat dinner lately with some best buddies. Menu was very comprehensive and most of all the food was really delicious. Restaurant interior is also cosy and inviting. Will certainly come here again!

Seka Siva


This is one vegetarian restaurant that I will always like to go back either by myself or bring friends and guest.The price is reasonable for such super food. Most vegetarian fare is always very standard but this particular restaurant make an effort to do it differently in term of presentation which is pleasant to eyes and the taste is super. The place is not that big and it can be quite crowded during lunar 1st and 15th of the month. If you are looking for a table of 10 or so it is best to book during those busy days.

Margaret Chin

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Getting To Our Restaurant

Street Parking on Tyrwhitt Road and Multi-storey parking at Jalan Besar Stadium

Bus service: 23,64,65,66,130,139,147,67,857
Nearest MRT stations: Farrer Park (North East line) and Lavender (East West line)

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